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10 Reasons Why You Should Treat Your Athletic Trainer like Royalty

Athletic Trainers are the most underrated member of the athletic community. They keep us healthy and in tip-top condition. We truly owe them our entire career of success. However, they usually get treated pretty crummy. This article is dedicated to the Athletic Trainers everywhere spending their days taping ankles, making ice bags, and just generally being awesome. Here are a few reasons why you should definitely give your Athletic Trainer a massive hug, a delicious gift of their choosing, and then appreciate them greatly for the entire rest of your athletic career.

Steve Moore comic for athletic trainers
In The Bleachers By: Steve Moore


1. Athletic Trainers severely need to catch up on their ZZZZZZZZZZZZ’s.

There was a long period of time when I truly believed my Elementary school teachers lived at our school and slept under their desks. “That’s silly! People with jobs still get to go home some point at night, right?” WRONG. I’m convinced Athletic Trainers spend their whole lives in the athletic training room basically taping ankles and making the perfect ice bags. There were nights where I’d have to run to the locker room and get a textbook at 4AM and THEY WERE STILL THERE. Forget my elementary school teachers; it’s the athletic trainers that definitely sleep in their office because they literally work all the time to keep you and your friends healthy.


2. Nobody knows their job title.

Your Athletic Trainer can’t even get the common decency to be always referred to as an ATHLETIC trainer. No, Trainer is not good enough, but that doesn’t stop everyone from saying it that way. For example, if you’re a volleyball player and someone says “Oh, you play volleyball? Cool.” And then you run into them later and they go, “Hey, how’s life as a soccer player?” You’re going to be a little offended and have an overwhelming desire to correct them. That’s the best metaphor I’ve got for what it’s like to be called a trainer instead of an athletic trainer. ATC FOR THE WIN.


3. Two Words: Ice. Pops.

Athletic Trainers have the serious hook up when it comes to awesome snacks. It’s no question though that the pinnacle of their snacking universe is hands down the ice pop. Those ice pops come in clutch after a super-hot day outside or when you’re leaning a little on the dehydrated side. At my first school, we had these things called Apple Pops and to this day I want them post workouts. (If anyone knows what I’m talking about or where I can find those pops, please hit me up on Twitter and hook a sister up).


4. It’s an Athletic Training room, NOT a Daycare.

You know when you were little and barely scraped your knee, but you whined about it for 2 hours to your Mom until she got pissed? That’s basically what Athletic Trainers deal with all day, every day, except they have to sit there and listen to you go on and on about everything that hurts. It’s like having hundreds of children that aren’t yours and nobody wants to deal with that.


5. Athletic Trainers are constantly being stood up.

I’m going to come clean right now and admit to being super guilty of this, and I am going to publicly announce my apology to my fantastic athletic trainer, Steph, who put up with this crap from me. If you go to your athletic trainer and you both agree that you could do some rehab to fix your problem, YOU SHOULD GO IN AND FIX YOUR PROBLEM! I understand being an athlete is a hard, time consuming life, but your athletic trainer wants to make you better and can’t do that unless you go in and see them consistently. It’ll only back fire on you if you don’t and are severely injured later on in a way that could’ve been prevented with their previous advice. Don’t ignore them. This goes for you Coaches as well! Let your Athletic Trainer know when practice times change or new things are happening in the schedule. Nobody enjoys when their hour prep time vanishes to 5 minutes. Treat them like another Coach that should be informed.


6. Khaki, Khaki, and more Khaki.

Do you honestly understand just how much khaki your athletic trainer is required to own? Nobody in the world should ever own that much khaki. Nobody.


7. Bad Cop or Bad Cop?

Let’s make this very clear: I promise with all my heart that your Athletic Trainer does not want you to be hurt. I repeat, they do not want you to be hurt. Do you think your athletic trainer really enjoys telling you that you have to sit out because of an injury? Your athletic trainer has probably spent a lot of time with you and they don’t like seeing their athletes hurting. It’s not fun for anyone involved. You want to play, your team wants you to play (hopefully), your coaches want you to play (really hopefully), but your athletic trainer has to be the one to keep you safe. It’s their job. Injuries suck, but permanent damage is a hundred times worse.


8. They have an absolute gift when it comes to mixing Gatorade.

Mixing Gatorade or PowerAde is an art form in and of itself. It takes pristine skills and accuracy to perfect the water to powder ratio and even the slightest mistake can ruin the entire batch. That makes those special blend flavors that your athletic trainer creates only that much more impressive. You should give them a huge round of applause for that skill set alone.


9. Rule #1: Everything I say goes.

We Athletes think we’re really smart sometimes. Our head athletic trainer banned cell phones from the athletic training room with very good reason, but that didn’t stop every athlete from trying to bring their phone inside anyway. A lot of athletic trainers get a very bad rep for being mean or tough, but they have to be or the athletes would walk all over them. So just follow their rules and I guarantee your relationship with them will be a hundred times better.


10. Athletic Trainers are people too.

Athletic Trainers have lives. Yes, a considerable amount of their lives are spent doing their job and most of them genuinely love it, but it’s still a tough way to earn a paycheck. So be sure to appreciate your athletic trainer and all the things they do for you. Love them as much as they love you and the whole athletic world will keep on spinning.