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10 Steps To Successfully Land And Tackle An Interview

Image: Robert Daly

10. Resume

  • Keep it to 1-2 pages.
  • Consistent formatting and NO typos.


9. Clean Up and Professionalize Your Social Media Profiles

  • If you don’t want your employer to see it, take it down and/or don’t post it.
  • Do have a professional LinkedIn profile page.


8. Prepare (critical – being overprepared is a good thing)

  • Have a good understanding of the job description and why you are a fit.
  • Know the person(s) interviewing you. Look them up online.
  • Learn everything you can about the company, products, services, competitors, etc.
  • Learn everything you can about the industry and current economic conditions impacting it.


7. Dress Appropriately

  • Error on the side of being overdressed (suit, blouse & skirt, sport coat & slacks, etc.).


6. Bring Hard Copies of Your Resume and a Notepad

  • Take notes.


5. Leverage Proxemics

  • Do your best to position yourself so that the interviewer(s) is interviewing you by looking to their right (if possible). This way they will be asking you questions by seeing you through the right half of their brain (creativity) vs. their left (analytical).
  • Position yourself so that the interviewer(s) are facing a window vs. a wall (if possible). This will help them subconsciously keep an open mind vs. more of a closed one.


4. Treat the Interview Like a Sales Call

  • Have prepared questions. Qualify what the opportunity is with questions and when appropriate respond with how your prior experience and/or ability to learn will be the solution.
  • Know your strengths and be prepared to respond with what you believe you need to improve on professionally (no one is perfect).


3. Close the Interview Like a Sales Call

  • When appropriate, sell the interviewer(s) on why you are the right candidate for what they seek.
  • Inquire to what the next step is and/or ask for the job with humility (this is critical if you are interviewing for a sales position).


2. Follow-up

  • Send a thank you email the same day to the interviewer(s) and recap the agreed upon next steps.
  • Send a handwritten thank you note (this will make you stand out!).


1. Keep Interviewing!

  • Interview as much as possible even if you are unsure about the opportunity. By doing this you will be more prepared to land the job you want when it counts.

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