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15 Things that Only Happen When You're an Athlete (PART 3)

Mike Stobe / Stringer

Wow, look at us rolling into Part 3 already (here's Part 1 & Part 2 again, if you need a refresher). Once again, I strive to bring only the truest and newest of situations that only we athletes really understand. Share, like, love- do whatever you want with this list. Just so you are aware, as the author, this might just be my favorite list yet. Enjoy!


1. When That One Teammate Shows Up For Team Breakfast

Photo credit: Jenna Marbles


2. When I eat all of the good team snacks 

Photo credit:NBC/ Friends


3. When a NARP* complains they have no time

Photo credit:NBC/ Saturday Night Live

*NARP = Non-Athletic Regular Person


4. When My Best Friend On The Team & I Get Roomed Together

Photo credit: NBC/ Fresh Prince of Bel-Air


5. When My Coach Tells Us That We Should Be Eating Healthy

Photo credit: ABC/ Modern Family


6. When I Accidentally Find Myself Publically Stalking The Hot Athletes

Photo credit: Little Giants

7. When I’m Alone & Waiting for my Teammates to Show Up

Photo credit: Young Adult


8. When My Teammates Try to Tell Me I’m Sleeping On The Hotel Roll-Away

Photo credit: TLC/ Toddlers & Tiaras


9. When I Get Home After The First Day of Pre-Season

Photo credit: Bridesmaids


10. When I Work Out On My Own

Photo credit: Fox/ Simpsons


11. When I Come In Last In The Team Running

Photo credit:


12. When I’m Trying to Get My Jersey On After Warm Up

Photo credit: The Goonies


13. When I get asked about my other hobbies besides sports

Photo credit: Ellen


14. When I Fall Asleep in Film

Photo credit: Sherlock Holmes


15. When Someone Asks If Our Team Is Good This Year

Photo credit: Fox/ Glee

And here's Part 1 & Part 2 again.

Share, like, love- do whatever you want with this list.

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