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15 Things that Only Happen When You're an Athlete

I don’t care if you are currently an athlete or a retired athlete. You do not lead just a normal life and nobody seems to understand that at all. Let me level with you and give you 15 things that only happen when you’re an athlete.

1.  When My Team Gets The Practice Is Cancelled Mass Text

Photo Credit: CBS/ Big Bang Theory

2.  When you Talk To Your Friends/Family After a Loss 

Photo Credit: Disney/ Lion King

3.  When Coach Says Get On The Line

Photo Credit: NBC/Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

4.  When my Favorite Teammates Reunite After Break

Photo Credit: NBC/ Seinfeld

5.  When Coach Is Paying For Dinner

Photo Credit: I Love Lucy

6.  When The Athletic Department Distributes The New Gear

Photo Credit: Dreamworks Animation/ Despicable Me

7.  When My Athletic Trainer Wants Me To Do Rehab After Practice

Photo Credit: Disney/ Lilo & Stitch

8.  When You Have a Missed Call From Your Coach

Photo Credit: ABC/ Modern Family

9.  When I Get In The Ice Bath

Photo Credit:

10.  When I Finally Get Food After Practice

Photo Credit: Nickelodeon/ Spongebob Squarepants

11.  When I’m Trying To Sleep The Night Before A Death Workout

Photo Credit: ABC/ Modern Family

12.  When I’m Trying To Pass The Concussion Test

Photo Credit: Warner Brothers/ Harry Potter

13.  When You’re Standing Next To Your Best Friend In The Huddle

Photo Credit: Disney/ Tangled

14.  When My Coach Finishes His Pre-Game Speech

Photo Credit: NBC/ Friends

15.  When our Team’s Favorite Song Comes On in The Locker Room

Photo Credit: NBC/ Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Due to the overwhelming popularity of 15 Things that Only Happen When You're an Athlete, it’s clear that this needed to become a regular series. Athletes, here is PART 2 of your life captured in the beautiful form of Internet .gifs. Enjoy! Read 15 (More) Things that Only Happen When You're an Athlete.