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5 Study Break Tips For Finals Week

As the semester quickly comes to an end and finals week is on the horizon, it is important that we do not get overwhelmed with studying.  Here are five tips that I found to be useful whenever I find myself spending long hours in the library studying.


1. Set a timer

Whenever I start studying I always make sure to set a timer for at least an hour.  I spend that whole hour being focused on the hand at task without any distractions. Once the hour is up, I allow myself to take a little break and swtich to a different task. I make sure to not spend too much time on one task so I can make sure I get everything done.


2. Go for a walk

If you are feeling tired while studying and can’t seem to stay focused on what you are doing, get up and go for a walk. Even taking a short walk down the hall in your apartment or dorm will get your blood flowing again. Hopefully once you get back from your walk, you will have some new enegry to finish studying that extra long chapter!


3. Get a snack

Similiar to the tip about going for a walk, getting a snack can give you some much needed enegry. It is never good to study on an empty stomach because the whole time you will be thinking about how hungry you are instead of being focused on what you are studying. It is always good to keep a granola bar or fruit on you to keep you full and focused.


4. Find a new study spot

My favorite thing to do when studying is to find different spots to study around campus. I know that I cannot study in my apartment because there are always too many distractions.  I enjoy checking out different spots in the library or one of the coffee shops on campus. This allows me to get out of my apartment and changes up the scenery a little bit.


5. Find some good music

If you are anything like me, you love to listen to music and I find that when I have music playing in the background while I study, it helps me focus.  If it is too quiet where I am studying, then I tend to lose focus. Finding a good playlist is crucial for me because I think good music sets the tone for my studying sessions.

I hope these tips help with your finals week preparation and happy studying!