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5 Things All Outstanding Athletes Have In Common

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1. Attitude

Anyone can have a good attitude, but this is simply not good enough. A good attitude is settling for the mediocre. The outstanding athlete has an attitude that others can feed off of, look up to, and aspire to obtain. A good attitude is the enemy of a great attitude.


2. Strong Work Ethic

Not everyone will be a successful athlete. In fact, very few athletes will reach the benchmark of being an outstanding athlete. These superior athletes tend to think in a different way, apart from their teammates. They understand what it takes and don’t have to be incentivized by their coaches. Athletes with this work ethic must learn to think like the few because they will be among the minority.


3. Coachable

Outstanding athletes are willing and anxious to learn. They encourage criticism and learn from it. They also don’t get bogged down with arguing and back talking their coaches. Instead, they are able to have respectful conversations that allow them to voice their opinions while also gaining valuable information.


4. Problem Solve

Successful athletes tend to lead a successful team. They do this by solving and elevating problems. This can range from problems that arise on or off the court. These athletes also tend to have a game plan to execute their end goals. If the athlete has a goal of winning a conference tournament, for example, they know exactly what he or she needs to do, what their teammates need to be doing, and how the team needs to perform throughout the season.


5. Ask Questions

Athletes with great success are not afraid to speak up and ask questions. Asking questions is a learning opportunity for them that they do not want to miss out on. They want to gain as much insight from their coaches and teammates as possible to help prepare them. They act like sponges with the information they are given. They absorb as much information as possible from experts within their fields. When it is time to put this information to use, these athletes will be prepared and that is part of what makes them an outstanding athlete.