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6 Character Traits Athletes Develop That Will Get You Hired



Every employer wants a tenacious employee. Waking up at 5 in the morning for practices where you are racing for a spot to compete quickly weeds out those who are not able to give 100% all the time. The word “tenacious” comes from a Latin root meaning “to hold,” which I think is a perfect way of describing what it means; hold on no matter what.



If you aren’t listening to Coach, you are going to go slow. Listening to something a coach tells you unquestioningly without interpretation will help you immensely in life. Sometimes other people know better than you, and a lot of the time, people without athletic experience won’t respect that.



Doing what you are supposed to even when you are tired or distracted is hugely valuable to an employer, a mentor, or even a significant other. People without discipline fall apart under pressure, something that you, as an athlete, can take advantage of.


Physical Strength

Physical strength is more important than you might think after you are done with your sport. It certainly doesn't hurt to be physically attractive when you are looking for a job, even if your job doesn’t require strength to do it properly. If any activity DOES require physical labor, you are an obvious shoe in. Plus, healthy employees have been proven to have greater productivity, promote a higher company morale, and lower health insurance costs.



Being courageous will open up many doors that non-athletes are too afraid to open. Ask that hot girl in your geography discussion out on a date. Go to that interview that you may not be qualified for - yet.



Being able to quickly and clearly voice your thoughts is something you learn quickly when participating in a team sport. Eloquent communication is critical for success in practically every endeavor you undertake after, and during, your time as a collegiate athlete.

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