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A Thank You Letter To Our Seniors

This past weekend, the University of Georgia Equestrian team hosted our final home meet of the regular season against the University of South Carolina. This was an important meet not only because USC is a highly ranked SEC opponent, but also because their team is full of talented, hardworking girls similar to ours.

The stakes were raised even higher for this particular competition because as the last home meet of the season, we took the time to recognize the 12 incredible seniors we have graduating from our team this coming May. Senior day impacted me a lot more this year than it has in years past. Not only have I developed long-lasting relationships with this class as we have gone through the last three years together, but as a group and individually, all of these girls are truly exceptional people. 

It would be an understatement to say that this class is unique. Some of their most notable differences can be found easily on the roster, as they range from heights of 5’2” to 5’9” and come from homes as far away as Ontario, Canada, and Snohomish, Washington.

However, this isn’t really the “uniqueness” I’m referring to. What really makes this senior class stand out is how many different personalities and talents these girls bring to the table.

Some of them radiate confidence. Whether they are in class, in workouts, or even walking into the arena to compete against a top opponent, some of these girls show of level of self-confidence and brilliance that is unmatched and hard to beat.

Others are naturally born leaders. They are the ones who fall asleep at night thinking of ways to better the team and to better themselves for their teammates; the girls who define the UGA phrase of “bleeding red and black”.

This senior class is also filled with girls who I like to call walking support systems. There is never a problem too small or too little time in the day for them to drop what they are doing and help their teammates out.

Lastly, there are some girls on the team who are unable to leave their smile behind. Regardless of the situation, I am lucky enough to have the girls who are always able to make themselves, and more importantly, the girls around them laugh and truly focus on the positive things in life.

Whether you are a senior student-athlete getting ready to graduate and move to the next chapter of your life, or a younger teammate like me dreaming of your senior meet/competition, take the time to reflect on the lessons and pieces of advice you have learned from the upperclassmen before you and the classmates you are lucky enough to call friends.

It is easy for me to say that the University of Georgia Equestrian team will not feel the same this coming August when these 12 incredible people don’t return with the rest of us; however, I know that the impact they have had on me and my other teammates will be long-lasting.