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Advantages For Kids Playing Multiple Sports

1. Cross Training

Different sports utilize different muscles. For instance, soccer is heavily focused on strong quad muscles while sports like basketball emphasize the arms. By playing multiple sports, the athlete is building a diverse set of muscle groups that will lead to all-around better performance. Furthermore, the athlete becomes more agile when engaging in the different movement patterns that the various sports require. 


2. Opportunities to Make Friends

At a young age, it is important to build social and communication skills. By participating in different sports, the athlete is also able to make different groups of friends. While the performance aspect of sports are important, these are also young kids. The fun and social aspect of the game is arguably just as important. 

3. Prevent Burn Out and Injuries

Overkill of practice and games can ruin the child’s love for the game. Furthermore, overuse of the muscles used for the sport could lead to injury. For example, a baseball pitcher who focuses all his energy on his position could develop shoulder problems or serious rotator cuff issues. Furthermore, the intensive repetition of drills makes the sport feel robotic and takes the fun out of it.  


4. Helps Find the Favorite Sport

Most importantly,  it will make it easier for athletes to find their passion by seeing what other sports have to offer. By experiencing a range of sports, athletes will find aspects they like and dislike and use that to eventually find their favorite sport. Furthermore, when that favorite sport is chosen, athletes will feel more comfortable because they know what else is out there and aren’t worried they’re missing out on something else. The athlete isn’t putting their eggs in one basket or left unsure of what it would be like to play different sports because they’ve had a chance to try it. For example, if an athlete eventually comes to favor lacrosse after trying soccer and basketball, he/she will feel more secure because they have learned from their experiences in other sports.