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Athlete Network Adds New Teammate Alex Sanders

Our team at Athlete Network is thrilled to announce and celebrate the hiring of Alex Sanders as Client Success Manager. Sanders, a two-time All-American track and field athlete at the University of Alabama, brings both a competitive and team-centric mindset to Athlete Network after competing individually and as part of the men’s 4x100-meter relay.

After gaining experience at PeopleAdmin and SafetyCulture, Sanders' background with account management in SaaS technology will by key in helping our partners efficiently reach their goals. On top of that, he is passionate about supporting fellow athletes in their journey and collaborating with athletic departments.

A native of Kansas City, KS, Sanders jumped at the opportunity to be back in his hometown and get back into sports, which has been a huge part of his  life - from training and competing to coaching and developing players. With several years of experience, he is excited to now combine working in the tech industry AND athletics as a Client Success Manager with Athlete Network. Outside of work, Alex loves spending time with family, friends, reading his Bible, and eating as much bbq and other great food KC has to offer as possible. #RollTide

Join us in welcoming Alex to the Athlete Network team!


About Athlete Network:
Founded by former college athletes, Athlete Network is the industry leader in athlete engagement software for collegiate athletics departments. Unite software powered by Athlete Network is a branded technology platform that allows collegiate athletic departments and athletic associations to organize, promote, and track the programs and services offered to their current and former athletes in an exclusive network. Through Unite, athletic departments and athletic associations substantially improve engagement with their athletes, generate increased revenue and fundraising, and gain valuable data analytics and reporting.