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The 5 Types Of Athletes You'll Find On Every Team

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The Cheerleader

The one who always has a smile on their face, regardless of how hard the practice is and how tired they might be. The cheerleader genuinely cares about the team spirit and believes a positive attitude is necessary to succeed. The cheerleader appears to always have enough energy to lift others up and help them push their limits.


The Work Horse

The one who comes to every practice on fire and the desire to destroy it. The work horse is often considered a robot that somehow never gets tired and always have something extra left in the tank. People look at the work horse like a crazy person that will never let go. This teammate’s work ethic is admiring and inspiring and makes the people around them work harder and get better.


The Forever Injured

Th one who seems to have all possible injuries. Whenever one thing gets better, another thing gets worse. The forever injured person basically lives in the training room and everyone is surprised when they're not there. Ice bags, Normatech, cupping, and pain killers are life savers and the only ones that keep the forever injured one from completely falling apart.


The Tough Lover

The one who people turn to when an honest opinion is needed. The tough lover is not known for being highly empathetic and overly kind, but is the one you want to turn to when struggling. The reason people come to this person for advice is because they know he or she doesn’t operate on emotions, but rather on rational thinking. You can turn to your closest friends and family for emotional support, but the tough lover will give you a reality check that you might need from time to time.


The Ultimate Racer

The one that just knows how to race time after time, either in or out of shape. The ultimate racer doesn’t connect his practice performance to actual races, but rather approaching each race like they are in the best shape of their life. The ultimate racer knows how to execute and perform phenomenally, which others question constantly. The one person who can be sick while competing and still crush it.

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