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Diet To Reach Your Professional Goals

Often times a diet consists of a list of restricted foods you should or shouldn’t consume. There is an emphasis on diets typically after the holiday season. The New Year is typically when people hit the reset button and try to rationalize a fresh start with a new year. Gym memberships increase, athletic apparel sales sky rocket, and the latest and greatest diet fads are making waves.

But a diet is more than just the foods you elect to consume on a daily basis. A diet is what you consume from all aspects of life. Whether it is with the music you listen to, the TV shows you watch, the books you read, the circle of friends you surround yourself with, or even the amount of time you spend on your phone cruising social media. 

So what does your diet consist of?

When people place themselves on a diet consisting of healthy food options and exercise, there is usually a target weight loss goal in mind. On the flip side when people increase their protein intake and number of meals consumed in a day, they’re likely trying to beef up or put on some pounds of muscle.

But what if your target goal isn’t to gain/lose weight?

Do you have a book you’re trying to publish? An application you’re trying to launch? What about a credit card you’re trying to pay off? 

You should apply the same discipline to your goal in mind. Restrict the activity that is taking away from your vision and limit interaction with people that may drain your energy or positive outlook on life.

It’s easier said than done to change a bad habit, but by taking small steps on a daily basis, you will be able to stay on track. For example, if you want to write a book, make it a goal to write for just 10 minutes a day, after a few weeks increase it to 15 minutes and so on. Want to launch an app? Try partnering with a local startup group to map out your business plan and receive feedback on how to launch a successful product. If your diet consists of cutting back on frivolous spending and paying down debt, make it a habit to track every time you swipe your card to see exactly where your money is going. By writing it down or using an app to track expenses, you can visually see where your funds are being allocated and may be able to stop the bleeding by cutting an unnecessary expense here and there.

Keep in mind a diet isn’t all about restrictions and limitations. It places an emphasis on the things you should indulge in such as exercise, meditation, rest, fruits, vegetables, etc. Indulging in activities that challenge you to think outside the box will allow you grow and develop. When you put your life on ‘diet’ to achieve a goal, fill those voids of time with productivity or reflection. Pick up a new hobby, volunteer at a shelter, find a mentor or be a mentee to someone that you admire.

Whether you call it a diet or prioritizing the goal is the same. You want to consume food that energizes you and makes you feel alive, engage in activities that add value and interact with people that want to see you succeed or can help you succeed. 

The one question you should ask yourself daily is, what’s in my diet?