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Director of Player Personnel at Fresno State on using UNITE as a Recruiting Tool

"The Bulldog Built Network was extremely helpful in us signing a Top 3 recruiting class for 2021. Our spring/summer recruiting presentation allowed us to share how choosing Fresno State is a 40 year decision that will benefit student-athletes past their playing days. We were able to highlight the career development program that the Director of Development created, and it really resonated with parents. I would recommend every program on campus to incorporate the Bulldog Built Network in their recruiting pitch. Thanks again to the Student-Athlete Development team!"
- Courtney Morgan, Director of Player Personnel at Fresno State Athletics

Want an innovative advantage for the next recruiting class? Fresno State uses their Bulldog Built Network to show parents and recruits why their program is a clear advantage for student-athletes. Their Bulldog Built Network provides support and services during their student-athletes' entire life cycle - from playing days to life after sports. 

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