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How Do I Get Hired? 3 Steps To Seal The Deal

Jose Luis Pelaez Inc

Written by Thomas Reneau, Brand Specialist at Ritchie Bros.

Applying for jobs can be an arduous and stressful process. It often feels like a full-time job itself! Here are 3 steps that you might find helpful:


Step 1: Know Yourself

A hiring process is a 2-way street. We need to know if you fit us and we fit you. Do you have any career or personal goals that you would like to share with us? What do you do extremely well and what are you passionate about?

What's important to you at this point in your life, but also 3-5 years down the road?


Step 2: Learn About The Company

We look for applicants who have taken their time to get to know us. What has piqued your interest in the company? Tell us, why us; tell us, how this company might help you achieve your career goals.


Step 3: Become A Member Of The Talent Community

Get connected. Most companies have career social accounts, groups, pages, or even a separate website. Join those and become part of their Talent Community to be notified about the latest job postings, stay in touch with the talent acquisition team, and find out what's new in their careers. To make things easier for you, Ritchie Bros. created a platform to connect, search, browse, refer and apply for our career opportunities. Register here.

Are you ready to make the leap? We love hiring athletes. Click here to apply to any of our jobs.