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How Recruiters Leverage Today's Sourcing Tools To Engage Competitive Candidates

As all recruiters quickly learn, there’s not just one tool in the marketplace that serves as a one-stop shop to execute recruiting strategies, nor is there a one-size fits all method to cover complex sourcing goals.  However, what seasoned recruiters learn over time is that taking the best of two separate platforms can accelerate goal achievement in acquiring top, quality talent in a breakthrough, unprecedented fashion.

Recruiters can’t completely avoid sourcing, but can make their lives much easier when leadership wants to target competitive individuals such as current and former college athletes.  Recruiters are saving time, costs, and improving their processes to qualify candidates by balancing both Athlete Network’s candidate engagement reporting & LinkedIn’s sourcing tool.

Athlete Network's Candidate Engagement reports are a natural fit for LinkedIn's Talent Pipeline product.  Recruiters that use both LinkedIn and Athlete Network may take their monthly reports with candidate contact info and upload the files to access LinkedIn Profiles, and the tool even allows recruiters to add individuals without a LinkedIn Profile. 

There can be additional awareness and employer branding efforts deployed using this tool and the imported list within minutes.  It's a great way for recruiters to toggle between Athlete Network engagement reports and LinkedIn Profiles (additional info) on college athletes and alumni athletes.


Athlete Network’s Candidate Engagement

Athlete Network Engagement Reports are compiled and sent on a monthly or quarterly basis to partners so recruiting teams can further review and connect with candidates who are already interacting with their employment branding within the platform.

  1. The report contains ALL prospective candidates who have recently viewed Athlete Network partners’ company pages, viewed their job postings, and/or have engaged with recruiters from that respective organization (among other engaged actions).
  2. With their consent, a list of Athlete Network members is included (with full contact info, sport, school, location, grad date, etc.) that have engaged with partner employer brands over the previous months.  Individual tabs also call out previous monthly engagements so recruiters can go back to all engaged candidates for the year.
  3. Athlete Network deploys marketing ads, email campaigns, and outreach via social channels, among other engagement efforts to ensure it is successfully reaching its members the way they want to be reached and driving them directly to partner employer brands.


LinkedIn’s Talent Pipeline

LinkedIn Talent Pipeline is one place to grow, track, and stay connected with all of your talent leads, powered by LinkedIn:

  1. Import a single candidate, multiple resumes or a spreadsheet with a few simple clicks so that all leads, from any source, can be tracked and shared just like leads sourced from LinkedIn.
  2. Connect leads automatically to their LinkedIn profile as you import them, allowing you to stay up-to-date on their career and profile changes.
  3. Assign statuses, sources, and tags to profiles to help manage your pipeline of talent.

Leads that don't have LinkedIn profiles can still be created and managed in Recruiter. (source:

If you want your recruiting team attracting and managing the best talent in the most efficient way, your integrated recruiting/sourcing strategy must include incorporating different sources into one super-platform.  And if those ambitious recruitment goals are tailored around bringing in the most competitive individuals on the market, be sure to follow-up with the Client Success Team at Athlete Network to help you manage the process.