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How To Brand Yourself Like A Champion

Pasha Cook is the founder of Pasha Cook & Associates, an international image and branding consulting agency that educates her clients on how to champion career transition by developing their brand. She helps them position themselves for career advancement by taking their personal brand to the next level through coaching, training and mentoring services.

She’s an international keynote speaker who delivers power-packed presentations to her multi-faceted audiences. Her message on how to identify core values and key strengths and transition those attributes into career success, not only applies to the athletes she works with, but to anyone seeking a career change.

As a former division I college basketball player, Pasha learned to utilize her on the court skills, off the court and combined her passion as an athlete, an educator, and a fashion professional to launch a branding agency that has more than a decade of experience in branding and image consulting, to help others create their own unique brand messaging to effectively reach and engage their target audience.

In this episode, we talk about why personal branding is so important in today's world, the first step that any athlete should take when trying to build their personal brand and how she became the first African-American female speaking ambassador for the NFL.

3 Key Takeaways:

  • The First Step To Building An Athlete Personal Brand
  • Why Self-Discovery & Self-Awareness Is Key In Everything
  • What Being An Influencer Really Means

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