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Lezathlon Pool Party Makes a Big Splash with this Year's Gaymes

While you were watching the world’s best athletes compete in the Olympics a few weekends ago, I was watching (and competing with) Los Angeles’ finest lesbians at LEZATHLON.

LEZATHLON is a yearly event that celebrates the best parts of the LGBTQ community: teamwork, competition, individuality, charity, and friendship.

Lezlympics, later renamed LEZATHLON, was traditionally held at Elysian Park in Los Angeles. This year, the event changed venues to accommodate a pool party setting and served as the pre-party for next year’s bigger, more ridiculous, three-day getaway, LEZATHLON SUMMER CAMP 2017.

Event mastermind, Morgan Faye, started this event in 2012 when “all she wanted for her birthday was a day in the park watching her friends and fellow lesbians participate in competitive games, like oil wrestling and tug-of-war.” Since then the yearly event has gotten bigger, gayer and more ridiculous.

In previous years, it was all about team competition. Teams had at least 10 girls and their captains recruited the ideal athletes to give their team the edge. Teams were unified by a ridiculous team name (like Lezbros, Butch Please, Femme Fatal), matching shirts, cheers and even team flags. The all-day event was dedicated to pure competition and fun ranging from physical games like an obstacle course and oil wrestling to more strategic games like trivia.

The pool party was naturally a laid back setting and was designed for individual and partner participation rather than large teams. As people poured in they were welcomed with open arms by the LEZATHLON lifeguards and signed up for events. It wasn’t long until the place was packed and it was time to start the gaymes.


1.Synchronized Swimming

“To succeed at this event it took careful execution of the song, It’s Raining Men. I have a lot of respect for REAL synchronized swimmers NOW." – Competitors


2. Diving for Treasure

“There is an element of fear to this game. You’re blindfolded and swimming in a pool with 6 other people. It’s a lot of chaos and flailing limbs. To find treasure blindfolded, one must suspend fear and instinctively seek it with every part of their body.” – Treasure Winner


3. Arm Wrestling

“These girls are freaking strong!” – Arm Wrestling Semi-Finalist


4. Floatie Race

“I prepared by channeling my inner crocodile.” – Floatie Race Competitor



5. Cardboard Boat Race

“Our secret to sweeping this competition was our captain, she’s an engineer. We are proud to have made a successful ship. Although cardboard, the Bi-tanic’s heart will always go on.” – Cardboard Boat Race Champions



6. Duck Push 

“This game was really challenging and a ton of fun. Much harder than it looks!” – Competitor


As a competitor the last 4 years, the thing I love most about LEZATHLON is the atmosphere!


It’s great to be in a fun, competitive atmosphere where everybody is giving it their all and completely lost in the moment. Competing has the ability to really bond people and create a unique sense of community. I am excited to see this event get bigger and more ridiculous when LEZATHLON SUMMER CAMP kicks off next Labor Day in the Angeles National Forest near Castaic Lake.


The three-day getaway promises to be The Lesbian Sports Camp of Your Dreams. You can enter as a team, individual or even as a spectator. Outside of the Lezathlon competition, there will be downtime to explore nature, hang out with friends and sign up for activities.


If you are outside of California, don’t worry. Lezathlon will be shuttling ladies from LAX, so get your team ready and just get here! For more information about LEZATHLON SUMMER CAMP 2017 follow on FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM.

Photos by Oliver Tides & Molly Adams