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Long Beach State On Ways To Engage Current And Alumni Student-Athletes

Jeff Scott, Associate Athletic Director of Ticketing at Long Beach State, shares the benefits of a centralized hub, fundraising best practices, and why their athlete network adds value.

Near the end of 2020, Long Beach State knew their athlete network needed some love. While most athletics departments rely on Student-Athlete Development, Letterwinners Clubs, or Career Services to share resources and engage with their current/former student-athletes, Long Beach looked to an unexpected department - Ticketing. Although Jeff Scott's day-to-day had been running the ticketing department, throughout 2020 he had also begun assisting with fundraising and had a passion for connecting with former student-athletes. 

Within two months of taking over the LB Athletics Network, membership had grown by 87%. Scott launched a new campaign to get coaches from all 19 sports at Long Beach involved and immediately showed return on investment with 6028% increase in total engagements within the network.

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