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A Message For ADs, Athletic Admin & Coaches On Athlete Support During COVID-19

As athletes ourselves, we are grieving with you and your student-athletes as events and seasons are cancelled to ensure their safety. In these unprecedented times, navigating how to communicate and engage with your current and former athletes has become vital. This will also be important as athletic departments may need to ramp up new fundraising initiatives and, in time, celebrate and communicate when events can begin again.

During this time of uncertainty and change, giving your athletes a single, centralized place to find everything about the university, the athletic department, and specifically their program is more important than ever. These are just a few ways we can help you support and stay digitally connected with your current and former student-athletes:

  • communicate all important information and updates exclusive to athletes
  • share ways former athletes can support their program and athletes now and when they return to competition
  • connect current and former athletes with resources and services the athletic department offers
  • one location to find job and internship opportunities as they shift to life after sports
  • provide a network for former athletes to re-engage with their team and get involved with the athletic department

These are trying times for everyone, and we believe we're all in this together. As always, our mission is to help athletes, and we're here to empower you with the engagement tools to support your athletes today and in the future.


Chris Smith, CEO of Athlete Network