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One Of The Worst Things Any Athlete Can Do During Their Career

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What An Athlete’s Career Looks Like

I sometimes reminisce about my days playing basketball and I really can’t believe how fast it was over and how the time flew by.

Obviously, no athletic career lasts forever and I knew that all along, but when you’re in it, you’re really in it.

What I mean by this is that during any athlete’s career, most of us are so focused on our sport that we don’t even think about it ever ending or think about doing anything else.

No athletic career lasts forever, but when you’re in it, you’re really in it.

You just constantly grind day in and day out and every day you just look towards getting better. That’s it. Nothing else. That’s literally all there is to it.

You barely have time to stop, reflect, and live in the present moment because everything happens so rapidly.

Everything is about the next play, next practice, next game, and getting the next win.

Before you know it, the season is over and you’re looking towards the next season starting up again.

What if, after all that time passes you by, you look up and there isn’t a “next season?”

What if the entire time you were so busy grinding and getting better you didn’t even notice how much time had flown by, and now you have to do something else with your life?

What if, after all that time passes you by, you look up & there isn’t a next season?

You spent all this time with your head down, trying to improve at your sport... and failed to improve in any other area of life.

What choices do you have? What moves do you make next?

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One Of The Worst Things That Any Athlete Can Do During Their Career

Throughout my basketball career, I played with a lot of guys who were very talented, athletic, and had basketball IQ’s through the roof.

For many of them, people thought they would play in the NBA or professionally overseas. Some did, but a lot of them didn’t. Some never even played in college and some only lasted a few years as a pro and had to get other jobs.

The one thing that almost all of us had in common was that we did absolutely nothing to prepare for the next step or for transitioning out.

There are a lot of things that athletes can do wrong during their career (jokingly), but this is definitely one of the worst.

Not preparing, and not thinking about your next step is only hindering you from reaching your full potential as an athlete and an individual.

From the time when athletes are young, a lot of coaches and trainers preach to them to only stay focused on the goal, which is often to either get a scholarship to college or reach the pros.

In actuality, this is just counterproductive because rarely is anyone able to put all of their focus into succeeding at one thing without burning out or eventually crashing.

Doing this is sometimes why athletes give up on their dream.

It can seem like you're driven, dedicated, and that you want it really bad, but the reality is that it’s mentally, emotionally, and even physically draining. You have to do other things or your dream will backfire on you.

Even Michael Jordan had other hobbies and things that took his mind away from basketball during his career.

No matter what they are, start cultivating your other hobbies. More than anything else, start thinking about other things besides reaching success in your sport.

That will come and go, but your growth as a person will continue throughout your life.

Doing nothing other than playing will be your downfall. I’ve seen it happen too many times.

Don’t make the mistake of doing nothing. Start preparing now.

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