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A Reminder For Parents With Kids In Summer Leagues

As the summer begins, summer leagues for kids are starting to get underway. Kids are out of schools and parents are looking for things to get their kids off their phones and outside enjoying the fresh air.

One of the best ways for this is enrolling the kids in a summer league, whether that be basketball, soccer, baseball, or whatever is offered. These leagues are fun ways to get kids active and teach them different sports. But one of the most important things to remember as this all gets under way is that these are just kids trying to have fun.

One of the biggest issues that arise from this is angry parents who think that their 3rd grade daughter’s basketball game is Game 7 of the NBA Finals.

Sadly, it’s not.

The kids are looking to have fun out there, the refs are looking to earn some summer cash and these people are typically trained and know what they’re doing out there, not just blowing the whistle whenever they get bored or want to make a parent mad.

The refs are trying their best, looking to make the best, most accurate calls they can. The one thing they aren’t looking for is angry parents yelling profanities at them for making a mistake. These officials get paid maybe $10-$20 a game, which doesn’t sound like a bad pay day, but if you were paid this and had people just coming into your work and yelling at you for filing a paper wrong or making a number error on your work, that doesn’t sound too appealing.

 Parents don’t understand sometimes these people (usually kids themselves) are merely human and feel that screaming at them for doing their job is an appropriate response. Taking these parents' actions into any other job would be unacceptable, if your cashier at the grocery store accidently rang up an item twice or they forgot to scan your bonus card, you wouldn’t scream at them for making a mistake. Yelling at them and telling them how horrible they are at their job doesn’t seem appropriate, does it?

Now the coaches, typically, volunteer in their spare time because they want to help out and give back. They have day jobs and much to the surprise of some parents, aren’t scouting out the other teams, watching film on them and doing everything they can to win. The coaches want to share some knowledge with the kids and help them have a fun, enjoyable summer.

As the summer gets under way it’s important for everyone to remember the kids are looking to have a fun time and maybe gain a few new skills, so let the kids play. As simple as this may sound, being that the name of their position is what they do, but let the players play, let the officials officiate, let the coaches coach, and, parents, just be parents.

Let the players play, let the officials officiate, let the coaches coach, and parents just be parents.