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How To Remember You Really Are More Than Your Sport

The best piece of advice I have gotten as a student-athlete throughout the past three years at the University of Georgia is very simple: there is more to life.

That is not to say that being a student-athlete isn’t something that you should put your heart and soul into; rather, it is to remind us not to let the mistakes and hardships of our sports consume us. 

College can be hard.

I mean really hard.

And adding a D1 sport on top of that can almost make it feel impossible.

I had one of those impossible moments last week.

I was drowning in school work, I had extra practices to prepare for an upcoming competition, and my body was starting to feel the exhaustion of everyday workouts.

Being a very outgoing and bubbly person is usually a positive characteristic of mine; however, it has one downfall: everyone around me knows exactly when I’m anything but bubbly and outgoing.

This year is the first year for one of my coaches with our team, but it didn’t take her long to notice I wasn’t myself.

After practice, she came up to me just to see how I was doing and to make sure everything was ok.

As I started to express my concerns about school work and everything else I felt weighing my shoulders down, she looked at me and said, “just remember, there is more to life.”

I didn’t think that such a simple piece of advice would make such a difference, but it’s been four days and it’s still on my mind.

Just remember, there is more to life.

For all of the other athletes reading this, take my coach’s advice.

Put all of your passion and drive towards your sport and your teammates.

Continuing working hard every day to become better and to improve.

Don’t stop pushing yourself in workouts, in school or in your respective arena.

However, always remind yourself that there is more to you and to your life than this sport.

Remind yourself that there is more to you and to your life than this sport.

Don’t let the failures or mistakes you make throughout your time as a college athlete bog you down.

Take the limited free time you have over the weekend to do something with your friends, something that isn’t related to your sport.

Remember that before you can be the best teammate you can be, you have to be the best you.

I know what it’s like to feel like you have to be perfect for your teammates, your coaches, and your professors; however, the only way you will ever succeed or make these individuals proud is if you are the best version of yourself for them. 

Next time you lose a competition, have a bad practice, don’t make the sprint time in workouts, just remember that beyond these four years there is a whole world waiting.

There is much more to life than your sport.