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Rise & Grind: 7 Songs to Wake You Up & Pump You Up

Hoxton/Ryan Lees

All success gurus out there will tell you that ONE of their secrets to success is their morning ritual.

There is nothing more fundamental to a morning ritual than how you wake up or what you wake up to. Most of us use our phones or alarm clocks with tones that rudely awake us from our peaceful sleep states immediately starting our day on a bad note. We often hit snooze a couple of times and then roll out of bed or stay in it…binging on news, social media, and emails.

Doing this puts us in a reactive state and prioritizes other people’s agendas…not our own.

I was a habitual snooze button user for a long time; setting 15 alarms (plus another clock as a last resort) to ensure that I would wake up. Installing the habit of waking up to a song that inspires me, immediately helps me ACTUALLY wake up and focuses my energy on MY goals and MY priorities.

Other morning ritual strategies are important, which we will touch on in another article.

For now, here are 7 songs that will help you wake up, get you pumped up, and ground you in your morning routine.
*denotes song with explicit lyrics


UNWRITTEN by: Natasha Bedingfield

I’m just beginning, the pen’s in my hand, ending unplanned /Today is where your book begins, the rest is till unwritten


HALL OF FAME by: The Script

And the world’s gonna know your name / Cause you burn with the brightest flame


THE FIGHTER by: Gym Class Heroes

Give 'em hell, turn their heads/ Gonna live life till we're dead / There goes a fighter


CONFIDENT by: Demi Lovato

It's time for me to take it / I'm the boss right now/ What’s wrong with being confident


DREAMS by: Life of Dillon

If your dreams don’t scare you, they ain’t big enough / can’t take the wind out of my sails



I know you could reach the top / Make sure that you won’t stop / be the one that you wanna be



Everything costs something bro / no dreams to big / chase anything you got the passion to do



I'm that star up in the sky, I'm that mountain peak up high / I made it, I'm the world’s greatest


My challenge for you is to wake up every morning this week with a different song that will help get you up and prime your subconscious for success. To supercharge this challenge, add a 5-minute journal session and commit to waiting at least 30 minutes before touching your phone (unless it’s to play this playlist).

If you don’t have an alarm clock that allows you to wake up to music, have this playlist ready on your phone after you hear your first alarm.

Make yourself, and your morning, a priority by starting with your day with my WAKE UP PUMPED UP PLAYLIST on Spotify.

What songs fire you up in the morning?



ALL I DO IS WIN by: DJ Khaled*

WORKSHOP by: Syd Youth

ONE OF THEM by: G-Eazy*

LUCK by: American Authors


BURNING GOLD by: Christina Perri

EYE OF THE TIGER by: Survivor

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