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Sleep & Happiness According To My Grandfather

Sleep And Grow Rich

You may remember my grandfather gave me one piece of advice with three things you need to do to be happy, which includes sleep:

One, love the job you do. You spend a third of your life working, so if you don’t love what you do, you’re in trouble.

You spend 1/3 of your life working, so if you don’t love what you do, you’re in trouble.

Two, find the right partner in life. I’ve been blessed to find my wife after 20 years of marriage, she’s my best friend and best decision I’ve ever made, so I know that he’s correct. Since you spend a third of your life with your family and friends, and your partner will be your liaison between those groups, not having that relationship makes it harder to be happy.

And then for his third bit of advice, he said to buy the best bed you can find, because you spend a third of your life sleeping (and “shtupping”), and you need to maximize this time in order to be efficient with the rest of your time.

Buy the best bed you can find because you spend 1/3 of your life sleeping (& shtupping)


Focusing On Sleep

Most people don’t spend as much time focused in on sleep as they do focusing on work. I believe in order to be your best, you should make a science out of sleeping. Sleep is one of the most important things in our life and takes up massive chunks of time. The more efficiently, effectively, and statistically successful you can sleep, the better your life will be, exponentially.


Impacts On Health And Wellness

One of the most important reasons to pay attention to our sleep is because the effects of sleep deficits or deprivation can be insurmountable. Not getting enough sleep, whether for just one night or over the course of weeks to months, has a significant effect on your ability to function. It creates all types of shortages, voids, and obstacles. Sleep deprivation negatively impacts your attitude, your ability to focus, and your ability to access higher levels of cognitive function. It actually makes you vibrate slower. These are all typical criteria for manifestation that are derailed by lack of sleep: your attitude, focus, and ability to vibrate. It also, obviously, has negative impacts on your health. Many health problems are related to lack of sleep, like obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and even early mortality.


Avoid A Deficit

If you get the right type of sleep, your level of alertness should remain stable throughout the day. But if you have a sleep disorder, or consistently get less sleep than needed, you start building a sleep deficit that makes it more difficult for the brain to function. Sleep deprivation compromises all aspects of cognitive function from concentration, working memory, mathematical capacity, to logical reasoning. It affects your conscious, your subconscious, and your unconscious.

Sleep deprivation compromises your conscious, your subconscious, & your unconscious.


Shocking Facts About Falling Asleep

These figures from the CDC should help you to understand just how big of a problem lack of sleep can be:

  • 50-70 million US adults do not sleep correctly.
  • Almost 38% of US adults reported unintentionally falling asleep during the day at least once in the previous month.
  • 38% of 20-39 year-olds report short sleep duration.
  • 40% of 40-59 year-olds report sleep deprivation.
  • 3-5% of the overall adult obesity population is attributed to short sleep.

38% of US adults reported unintentionally falling asleep during the day in the last month


The Business Of Z’s

Lack of sleep in business is something we all need to be aware of, especially given how hard we tend to push ourselves. Studies have shown that the adverse effects of sleep deficits or deprivation on your cognitive performance can be similar to those that occur after drinking too much alcohol. If you experience 24 hours without sleep, or a week of sleeping four or five hours a night, your body starts malfunctioning and induces an impairment equivalent to the buzz from alcohol.


Sleep Tricks And Tips

What should we do to sleep better? The Mayo Clinic suggests you try sticking to a sleep schedule and develop a bedtime routine. Being consistent reinforces your body’s sleep-wake cycle and a calming routine in the evenings can help you relax. Reading is one example of a great activity to help wind down before bed. Always making sure that your bed is a safe haven for relaxation and calmness is essential. Doing work in bed will ultimately detract from your ability to relax. Pay attention to what you eat and drink in order to get your best sleep. Too much food, nicotine, caffeine, and alcohol can all prevent you from getting good sleep. Try creating a relaxing environment by sleeping in a cold room without light. Even the lights from our alarm clock and cell phone can impair our ability to sleep.

Doing work in bed will ultimately detract from your ability to relax.


Relax To The Max

We all must realize that sleep is just as important of an activity as work. Put your focus on getting enough good sleep to make the most of the 1/3 of your life that is spent unconscious. Getting the most out of the sleeping portion of your life will exponentially help you manifest everything you desire rapidly and accurately, ensuring you are prepared mentally and physically for your waking life.