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Sports Are Important, But Not The Most

Image: Jessie Casson

It might come as a shock to some, but sports are not all about results. There are few things to keep in mind when the athletic aspect is not going the way you hoped.  


You Are In College For Your Degree

When things are not going as planed on the athletic side, it does not mean you have to be down and unmotivated in other aspects of life. You cannot forget that the main purpose of you being in college is to get education and graduate with a degree. A setback in sports should not affect your academic performance, unless you allow it. Your education is very important for whatever you decide to do following your undergrad and has a much greater effect on your life than your performances as a collegiate athlete.   


Think About The Way Your Sport Has Shaped You

Think about all the morning practices you went to before sunrise, the practices that forced you to challenge yourself and push your limits, and all the moments you considered giving up but did not. Either you realize it or not, all these experiences taught you discipline, toughness, and perseverance. These are traits that will serve you greatly any time you face a challenge. Sports gives you the tools to embrace the challenges, and not run from them.  


Think About All The People You’ve Met Along The Way

The most valuable people in my life, besides my family, are the ones I met throughout my athletic career. The friendships and relationships developed through the sport are priceless and irreplaceable; this is the greatest support system you will have besides your family. Whenever you are disappointed with your athletic performances, stop for a second and think how much good it has already brought into your life.

Sports do not define you as a person but the way you choose to react and handle different situations does.

It Is Not Eternal

I am sorry to bring it to you, but you are not going to be an athlete forever; there is an expiration date. Therefore, the next time you find yourself unhappy about your meet results, or even the entire season, snap out of it. Dwelling on an unsuccessful race or season will not do anything but prevent you from enjoying the athletic process and performing better in the future. Sports do not define you as a person but the way you choose to react and handle different situations does.