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If You're Stressed About A Competition Read This (2 min.)

Alright, here we go. You have made it through thick and thin to the very end of your season. You've got one big competition left to show the world what you got. What do you need to remember?


1.It’s simpler than you think.

Whatever sport you do, whatever activity it is, don’t overthink it. I just came off a big swim meet, and I was so caught up in my superstitions and my nerves that I forgot that all that mattered was my mindset. You don’t need to feel good, you don’t need any fancy shoes or gear to do well. When it comes down to it, you don’t think about all of that stuff during practice, and you manage just fine. All you need is the will to win.


2. It’s not going to be easy.

No matter what the stakes are, and no matter what sport you are in, it will not be easy. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. But you are here because you have put in the work, and you are ready to push for this. Don’t think ahead, just stay in the moment, and know that the preparation you have put into this sport WILL be enough.

Stay in the moment and know that the preparation you have put into this sport WILL be enough.


3. When all else fails, have fun.

It is so easy to get caught up in your sport, and honestly begin to feel stress and animosity towards your sport. You do it everyday, for hours at a time. However, go back to your roots. Remember why you started this whole crazy adventure in the first place. Think of that kid who just wanted to play [insert sport here] with friends. That kid is still you, and you still love the sport, or you wouldn’t have been able to play it for your whole life.


4. No matter what happens, it is a learning experience.

Along the lines of stress, athletes tend to put a lot of pressure in those couple minutes they are playing the sport. I, myself, am guilty of tying my identity too closely with the sport I play. However, remember that you are not solely made up of the sport you play. You are a friend, a student, a daughter/son, etc. You are funny, compassionate, and smart. All these traits that make up your personality, at the end of the day, that is what will define you. Not whatever happens in the field/pool/court. And you can take away something from every experience, if it didn’t work out this time, there is still something to be gained from it. Adversity builds character, and character is everything.

Remember that this is something you chose to do because you enjoyed it, there’s no pressure, just have fun!