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The Interesting Controversy Over The USWNT Challenging The Wage Gap

Richard Heathcote / Staff

Not much to surprise, the United States Women’s Soccer Team won the 2019 FIFA World Cup for the second tournament back to back. These women were favored to win since the beginning of the tournament based off of previous championships and winning titles throughout the past four years. There is no doubt to the public that the USWNT have a very strong presence not only in representing America through athletics, but also recently they have been very vocal about their beliefs in gender pay equality.

The women challenged that they are not rewarded as much money as the men are for not only playing the same sport, but being better than them at it. When men win the World Cup, they are rewarded around $500,000 per player; however, the women only receive around $90,000. There is no denial that gender inequality is an issue in the present day workforce. What flies under the radar is not the fact that yes, women get payed less, but the lieu, these men are being paid more because of the viewers and consumers that partake in their end of the entertainment.

If women and men are receiving the same percentage of the total revenue from the tournament, the men are actually receiving thousands of more dollars because of the fact that the public does not watch, buy merchandise, or get tickets, for the Women’s World Cup. The Men’s World Cup brings in around a $4 billion in revenue while the Women’s World Cup follows with $75 million.

Megan Rapione, one of forwards for the USWNT, explained herself how fans can help close the wage gap. “Fans can come to games. Obviously, the national team games will be a hot ticket, but we have nine teams in the NWSL. You can go to your league games, you can support that way. You can buy players’ jerseys, you can lend support in that way, you can tell your friends about it, you can become season ticket-holders. I think in terms of that, that’s the easiest way for fans to get involved.”

She emphasizes that supporting your female teams and being attentive just as much as they are with mens sports will be a way to help bring attention to not just the women's sports teams but on a larger scale, women in general.

The USWNT isn’t challenging the pay difference in their own benefit, however they are doing it to set example for the support of all the other females across the globe. They are trying to make an impact for the future of women and their inequality to men and winning the World Cup not once, but TWICE, is just the beginning for them.