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What I'm Doing As An Athlete With All This Free Time

It's amazing how our body and brain work, they’re so smart. After taking off my cast, and the way I felt my foot compared to how it was before, I really thought it was not going to be able to come back the same again, or at least not in a long time.

I thought I already got through the toughest part of my injury, fracturing my fibula, twisting my ankle and having to wear a cast for five weeks. If you know me, you know I can’t be still for long, whether it's playing beach volleyball or running. Yes, I am a little impatient.

But, little did I know that the toughest part was going to be coming back from it. Having my cast removed after the five weeks and feeling almost no sensation with my foot was not very pleasant for having such high hopes that I was going to be able to walk right after taking it off. Instead of being thankful for finally having my cast off, I was thinking of how weird my foot felt, how much I wished this injury didn’t happen, how much I wished everything was back to normal, and how hard it was going to be to come back from it stronger than ever.

I still have the thoughts of what if I fear playing volleyball with it? What if I injure myself again? What if I fear doing certain movements and not play the way I want to? What if it takes too long to heal? But they certainly go away after realizing how blessed I am. I am recovering so fast from it that after 3 days from having my cast off, I was already biking and doing therapy; painful, yet worth it.

Today marks exactly a month without my cast and I am already power walking, lifting weights, doing yoga, stretching, and playing basketball and volleyball. I am just missing running, jumping and doing certain movements to be able to play beach volleyball again. Yes, I know they are basic and necessary movements to play beach volleyball, but after knowing the feeling of not being able to walk without crutches, I am in heaven.

Taking this time off for myself and my recovery was not only helpful but necessary for me to understand that volleyball isn’t everything. I tend to get into this never-changing routine with eyes on the prize, which is a good thing until I miss out on other things in life, like my family and friends, and make volleyball the only thing to an extent were it hurts so much having a bad practice or playing day that the whole day is just unbearable sometimes.  

Unfortunately, with the circumstances the world is in today, most of us are realizing that our complaints, excuses and problems are really not worth that much attention. The purpose in our lives, our family and friends, our loved ones, and our health is really all that is worth the work and worry; the rest is workable, like me at getting better at my craft. If you are still unsure of your purpose, seek for it, I promise it will be worth it to do so.

As much as we want everything to go back to normal, we should stop thinking about things we cannot control and take the time to care for the ones we can. Desperation might hit you, it has definitely hit me, but try to make it short and move forward so you are able to take more from all this experience. For example, I realized that even if everything was normal again, I would still have to do therapy to recover so I can play again. I wouldn’t be able to compete, travel or train until I do so. So why not take advantage of all this time, stress-free from anxious feelings of playing already, of traveling, of doing this and that, and simply focusing on one thing: recovering.

I want to encourage all of you to take a breath from the world’s current situation and think of all that you can control and purposely work on them. It is true, we are all in this together.