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7 Reasons Why You Want Athletes Working For Your Company

1. Competitive

Whether it is closing a sale or trying to take your company to new heights, athletes live for competing. They love to win, and every company wants winners. These employees will always give their best effort and put the work in to reach the next level.


2. Driven

Almost all employers set goals for their employees. Athletes are naturally goal-oriented. From aiming to make a team or becoming a starter, they set their sights on something and do what it takes to get there.


3. Time Management

Being an athlete is a constant juggling act of school, sports, family, friends, and sleep. It is very time consuming, and prioritizing and utilizing free time efficiently is essential to succeed. Time management is a highly valued skill that employers look for, and it is something that athletes develop at a very young age.


4. Timeliness

If you aren’t early, you are late. Coaches drill that lesson in athletes from the moment they learn how to tie their cleats. If you are late, you don’t practice. If you are late, you don’t play in the game. This punctuality that is emphasized in sports makes athletes desirable employees. Whether it is a meeting or a presentation deadline, the work will be done on time.

If you aren’t early, you are late.


5. Teamwork

Collaboration is imperative to a successful workplace. Teams enable the athlete to develop social skills and learn how to communicate effectively. Furthermore, there are certain roles on teams that athletes adjust to depending on the role. As a freshman, you use that experience to learn and fit into the culture of the team. As a senior, you are more of a leader and an example for others. Athletic teams are diverse just as workplace teams are. Knowing how to work with different kinds of people is a key asset for employers.


6. Learn from Mistakes

Mistakes are inevitable. No one is perfect. However, they provide opportunities to learn. Some people have a hard time dealing with mistakes and accepting them, but athletes have to adjust and move on instantly. Whether a pass gets intercepted or the ball goes out of bounds, athletes can’t afford to dwell on the past and things they can't change. They react instantly and focus on the next play. Athletes view mistakes as learning opportunities so that they don’t make the same mistake again.


7. Work Under Pressure

Athletes thrive under pressure. Whether it is overtime or a championship game, athletes must overcome nerves and have a performance that rises to the occasion in order to be successful. Intense games lay the foundation for how the athlete deals with stress and adversity.