Keep competing on-campus with the Athlete Network Internship.

Designed with the busy athlete in mind.

Choose tasks that benefit you.

What is the Athlete Network Internship?


  • + Athlete Network Gear
  • + Giftcards
  • + Course Credit/School Hours
  • + Personal introduction to potential companies for future opportunities
  • + Valuable experience to add to your resume


  • + 3-5 hours per week
  • + Work from your own campus
  • + Work on your own time


Competitors ONLY

Must be self-motivated, outgoing, driven, and responsible

Strong communication skills required

Ability to manage your own time is critical

All majors welcome

Upperclassmen preferred, but others are encouraged to apply


As an intern you’ll gain experiences in networking, sports, marketing, PR, communications, business, athletics, sales and more!

This isn’t our stereotypical internship – no making copies or getting coffee here. You’ll gain real world, hands-on experience while working virtually during times that work in your business schedule. Only competitors need apply, as you’ll be ranked among 200+ other interns each semester. Top interns will be invited to join our Hall of Fame and will gain exposure through our Resume Book sent out to all Athlete Network partners, helping you land your next internship or full-time career.

Athlete Network interns complete weekly tasks geared towards marketing, professional development and real world experiences. Select tasks that benefit and help you with your career path. Sample tasks include: Meeting with leaders to learn valuable lessons, attending virtual webinars with experts in a variety of fields, writing articles, creative videos/marketing materials, and more! You even have the opportunity to create your own tasks geared towards what you think would have an impact on your internship and future.


Community Relations Director
Community Development Coordinator

Interest Form


"I am so thankful for the Athlete Network Internship. It really set me apart during the interview process and prepared me for the workforce.” Shannon Quinn

Shannon Quinn
Boston College
Spring 2015

“The internship was great – I was able to connect with so many people on my campus and bring forward new ideas.” Megan Fischer

Megan Fischer
Upper Iowa University
Fall 2015

“In doing the tasks, I really enjoyed how I had to change the way I thought about it and how to use what I learned in the real world.” Rocco Esposito

Rocco Esposito
Wake Forest University
Spring 2016

“My absolute favorite part of the internship was all of the creative aspects. I had an awesome time thinking of different things to do and made me think outside the box.” Haleigh Svede

Haleigh Svede
Mercer University
Spring 2016


Since the Fall 2010 semester. To date, we’ve had over 1,500 interns from 500 different schools participate.
You will work virtually with our team here at Athlete Network to complete tasks. Communication will happen via email, phone, webinars, Skype and the Athlete Network website.
As this time, we do not. We only offer our on-campus internship during the spring and fall semesters.
Approximately 3 months. The spring internship starts February 1st and ends May 1st. The fall internship starts September 1st and ends December 1st.
An average of 3-5 hours a week.
Whenever fits into your schedule and is convenient for you!
All from your own campus!
No, but you do have the opportunity to earn gift cards and Athlete Network gear.
Yes, but it really depends on your school and program. We will work with you to fill out any paperwork for approval.
Yes, you are able to work more hours for school credit if needed. You will be expected to go above and beyond your internship goal.
All professions require a level of networking, which is a primary goal of this internship. Plus, you can tailor the tasks to be geared towards you!
Yes! We have an intern group that serves as a message board where you can get to know your fellow interns, share ideas, ask questions and more.
Check out our Companies Page to see some of our top partners!

NCAA athletes with eligibility remaining need to select tasks that do not contradict bylaw

If you have any questions please meet with your Compliance Officer in your athletic department.