Past Events
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12-15 Schools Accepted Each Academic Semester!
Fall 2014
University of Dayton
September  23rd
Brigham Young University
October  1st
George Mason University
November  2nd
University of Missouri
November  4th
Temple University
November  10th
Virginia Commonwealth University
November  16th
University of Arkansas
November  23rd
Spring 2015
George Washington University
February  23rd
University of Texas at Arlington
March  26th
Fall 2015
Florida Atlantic University
December  1st
Xavier University
October  26th
Middle Tennessee State University
November  3rd
Wichita State University
November  11th
University of North Texas
November  16th
Spring 2016
University of New Mexico
February  8th
Georgetown University
February  21st
Cornell University
March  13th
Seattle University
February  16th
Pepperdine University
April  3rd
Louisiana State University
March  30th
Fall 2016
Duke University
October  19th
West Virginia University
November  1st
Spring 2017
Boston College
January  29th
University of Illinois, Champaign
March  13th
University at Buffalo, the State University of New York
April  12th
Fall 2017
Texas Christian University
September  28th
Georgia State University
November  8th
Howard University
October  11th
Saint Mary's College of California
October  11th
Spring 2018
Tulane University
January  28th
Hampton University
April  4th
San Diego State University
February  18th
Fall 2018 - Spring 2019
Miami University (Ohio)
February  20th
High Point University
April  15th
Chicago Area - Concordia University
April  3rd
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
March  4th
St. Louis Area - Lindenwood University
March  6th
Manhattan College
February  25th
Auburn University
February  18th