Branded Networks

Enhancing the student-athlete experience and creating life-long relationships between athletic departments and their athletes.

Branded Networks Services

Designed by Athletic Departments powered by Athlete Network

Finally, athletic departments will have a branded and customized solution to organize, promote, and track the programs and services offered to current and former student-athletes.

Athlete Network understands the challenges of collegiate athletic departments

  • Decentralized services over multiple locations
  • Lack of engagement with former athletes
  • Unavailable analytics, reporting, and measurements for current services
  • CRMs are not engagement platforms
  • Underutilized career and mentoring services

Top requested services by athletic departments

  • Career placement services
  • Mentorship program
  • Letterman’s Club/Alumni Engagement
  • Student-Athlete Development opportunities
  • Data insights, analytics, and reporting

Athletic department benefits

  • Organized and centralized services
  • Enhanced on-campus student-athlete experience
  • Dashboard providing tracking and reporting
  • Meaningful engagement and services for former athletes
  • Fundraising increases
  • Recruitment tool for coaches
  • Data, data, and more data