Top talent to keep your company competing

Athletes are driven, motivated, and competitive individuals. The same traits that make them successful as athletes are coveted by top corporations around the world.

Hiring based on these traits enables companies to consistently hire talent that naturally fits into their organization's culture and positively impacts their goals. Athlete Network looks to partner with companies that embrace the athlete mindset to connect them more efficiently with these high performers.

Email ([email protected]) us today to discuss how you can gain access to this elite network of athletes and keep your organization competing at the highest level.


Sr. VP of Global Sales INTL FCStone Inc.

“The candidates Athlete Network provides are exceptional and a perfect fit for our business. We've already made 6 hires in a matter of months with a significant cost savings, and we’re not even half-way through our FIRST partnership experience with them.”


Vice President Talent Acquisition at Enterprise

“Athlete Network is one of our best performing tools from a cost per hire standpoint. This year alone, Enterprise is on pace to triple the amount of hires we've made from this great resource.”

64% diversity among members

58% experienced candidates

42% student – 4 years experience

Average of two touches = 50% response from members

On average, AN candidates are promoted within 8-16 months of their start dates

AN candidates rank within top 30% of sales forces
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