Athlete Network was founded by athletes with a simple mission: create an online community where athletes can fuel their driven lifestyle.

Our platform was born out of frustration because today's current networks are too broad resulting in less relevant, and therefore, less rewarding experiences for their members. This affects athletes in particular; if an athlete's competitive spirit and passion are not fueled, they quickly become bored and disengaged. Athletes need recommendations from trusted, proven sources that deliver more competitive and inspiring results, fueling their drive to push further.

Our Goal is to unite the world's athletes in one network, ultimately creating the most driven network on the planet.

Meet Our Team
Chris Smith
Dirk Ochs
Eli Fisher
VP Business Development
DJ Washington
Senior Vice President
Kim Pence
Sr. National Account Executive
Kevin Hostetter
Implementation Specialist
Justen Wack
Certified Scrum Master
Marti Rosche
Director Networks
Malia Smith
Digital Content Strategist
Kevin O'Keefe
Sales Development
Alex Doller
Account Executive
Jake Brown
Account Executive – Networks
Kim Hunt
Jr. Account Executive
Brian Corn
Stephanie Palo
Director of Email Marketing
Katie Townsend
Client Success Manager
Brett Fuller
VP Partnerships
Shaun Adams
National Account Executive
Jimmy Hudson
Sales Representative
Nick Ebmeyer
Sr. Client Success Manager
Matt Scott
Software Architect
Michael Kennedy
Quality Assurance Engineer
Deanna Ferrante
Chief Operating Officer
Ben Burgweger
Software Developer
By taking your favorite social media features, applying our Athletic Quotient, and
tailoring the entire package for Athletes, we’ve created a brand new online experience.

Everything begins by creating your Athlete Network profile.   Create now
Using the Athletic Quotient (AQ) algorithm, we’re able to take your profile and cross-examine it with our community.
Then, we will be able to provide you with recommendations, tools, and content that fuels your entire lifestyle (background, passions, and goals).
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Schools & Associations
On-campus partnerships and programs with college athletic departments date back to 1998 for Athlete Network. These relationships expand across all divisions of Intercollegiate Athletics, big and small, as well as, major athletic associations.
On-Campus Career Fair & Forums
This is not your traditional campus career fair. Much more emphasis placed on interaction, networking & results

- #1 career program in the country for athletes, administrators, and employers
- 12 leading schools selected each academic semester to host event
- National employers and top graduate schools invited to attend
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The Athlete Network On-Campus Internship has 170+ of the leading student leaders
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